Semi Auto Bottling Systems

Willis offers a diverse assortment of semi automatic bottling solutions to allow the small producer to grow with their line. Bringing together some of the advancements and technological breakthroughs of the bottling industry into a semi automatic format. Whether you are looking for an automatic bottle capper or a filling and corking system, Willis has a solution for your needs.

Bottle Rinsers

Semi-Automatic Rotary Rinser with various models available (10 or 20 pockets). Speed ranges from 300 to 1.200 bottles per hour depending on the model.


The rotary rinsing machine is designed to rinse new bottles and clean the inside from dust or any small particles prior to the filling operation.

Rinser works as follows:

– Manual loading of the bottles on the rotary table
– water rinsing jet
– Dripping
– Unloading of the rinsed bottles

Water consumption:

30-40 L/H – 10 pocket
40-60 L/H – 20 pocket

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Gravity Fillers

Models available for non carbonated liquids and olive oils.
Up to 500 Bottles/Hour output

Also available as monobloc with capping facility

Counter Pressure Fillers

Suitable to fill carbonated products such as beer, soft drinks and Cider into glass or PET bottles.

These machines are available from 2 to 6 heads, and can be equipped with rinsing and capping facility if required.

The option of pre evacuation is also possible for beer bottling.

Please contact us for further details.

Crown Corkers

Pneumatic crown corkers for outputs up to 400 Bottles/Hour


We are able to supply stand alone champagne corkers, wirehooding machines or monobloc corkers/Wirehooders.
Speeds up to 1000 Bottles/Hour are achievable.

Please contact us for further details.


Semi Auto Cappers are available for all types of caps.
Speeds up to 900 Bottles/Hour.
Stand alone and bench top models available.