At Willis, our brewing systems are all built turnkey and offer several advantages that outshine those of our competitors. All vessels have an impeccable heating and cooling system through our jacket design. Our False Bottoms also represent our dedication to detail. Willis uses drilled screens as the standard for all of our false bottom screens to improve drainage, increase efficiency and promote consistently clear wort. Sanitation is always top priority when producing your brews. Willis is proud to be one of the few UK companies that have a standard of making sure that every corner, tee, manifold etc. is fitted with TRC connections and clamped NOT welded. This allows our clients to inspect their system at every angle. On the areas that need to be welded, we make sure to grind smooth and polish every TIG weld. Even the largest possible stainless steel sheets are joined and butt-welded to create a stronger tank.

To further ensure sanitation and quality, everything that comes in contact with your product is 100% stainless steel and is made to be fully dismantled and easy to clean. While Willis makes sanitation and quality a priority, we want to go even further in proving our dedication by ensuring visual satisfaction. We also offer various special features to make sure that every vessel represents the same attention to detail that our clients show through their product.


• All our 10-15bbl systems come with complete TIG welded tanks and piping
• Constructed with 304 or 316 stainless steel
• All piping is TRC fitted, including every elbow, tee and curve in the system; allows for a 100% sanitary system
• All pumps in the brewhouse include 100% stainless steel pumps AND motors
• 2, 3, or 4 vessel systems available
• Floor mounted, vessel, or ceiling mounted grist cases available


• Automation systems
• Complete Grain Mill System