Halfpenny Green

It was the vision of farmer Martin Vickers 30 years ago to plant a vineyard that would one day match continental sites.

Today, 30 acres of vines are managed by Martin and produce award winning wines crafted by his son Clive.

To date, we have supplied some 200 tanks to Halfpenny Green ranging from small 1000 Litre variable capacity to 8000 Litre fixed capacity.

In 2019 we were commissioned to supply some 63 sets of stackable tanks to kit out their new extension. This will virtually triple their capacity enabling them to further increase their contract wine making service to UK vineyards.


In 2018 we were asked to update their previous bottling line which was beginning to struggle with their production requirements. A complete new line was installed, with the heart of the line being a new Cime Careddu Rinsing/Filling/Corking/Capping monobloc which can produce up to 2000 bottles per hour. The machine is one of the most hygienic in the UK having been equipped with full laminar extended height guarding with a HEPA filter ensuring that a positive airflow is maintained within the monobloc to prevent any dust ingress.

Their award winning ‘Traditional Method’ sparkling wine production also needed a bit of an upgrade, so our latest project has been to install a fully automatic neck freezing and disgorging system.

Working alongside all the other equipment we have supplied to them including three Enoveneta Presses, destalking equipment, grape elevators, CIP plant and numerous pumps of different designs (a peristaltic pump having been supplied in the last few weeks) Halfpenny Green really are at the forefront of wine production in the UK, and we are particularly proud to be their main supplier for all of their equipment requirements.

You can see more of their story at www.halfpennygreen.co.uk