Axholme Brewing

We were commissioned by Axholme to build and supply a 15 barrel brewery with a single temperature infusion mash tun equipped with a grain hydrator and floor mounted grain silo.


The Kettle and HLT are both heated using a Lanemark natural gas system which allows for the HLT to be heated overnight if required.


The kettle is designed to use either whole or pellet hops by using a removable hop filter in the bottom of the kettle for when whole hops are used, this is removed when pellet hops are required and the tangential input can whirlpool the wort to remove the trub and hop material.


The CLT is cooled to ensure that during summer or winter the cold liquor is at a constant temperature allowing the heat exchanger to work at maximum efficiency and allowing both ales and lagers to be produced.

By individually designing the tanks such problems as the low ceiling height were resolved allowing the equipment to fit into this location.


Initial design, delivery, installation and commissioning were carried our seamlessly to the customers satisfaction, and further fermentation capacity has been added since the original brewhouse installation.

The customer commented :

Willis provided a full bespoke 15bbl brewhouse for us including conical FVs, they introduced us to existing clients so we could inspect the quality and hear their feedback first hand, they also made several amendments to design to accommodate our needs and provided full CAD drawings, They hit every milestone on their timeline and helped with the install. I would highly recommend anyone interested in any brewing equipment making Willis your first point of call.