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Carbonation Stone – Full Kit

Carbonation Stone – Full Kit

£165.00 excl. VAT

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Carbonation Stone with Tri Clamp Tee (250mm carbonation stone)

Pressure Gauge

1/2″ Ball Valve

1/2″ Male Tread Pipe Barb Hose Tail Tail Connector

2 x 1.5″ Tri Clamps

5 in stock


1x   Carbonation Stone with Tri Clamp Tee 2″ Tri Clamp connection to vessel.

250mm Carbonation Stone

Tri Clamp Tee

2 x 1.5″ Tri Clamp Connections

1x 2″ Tri Clamp Connection



1x    1/2″ Ball Valve


1x    Pressure Gauge


2x    1.5″ Tri Clamps


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