World’s first semi-automated tabletop Crowler Canning System.

Use production staff to fill from the brites. Better shelf life for the beverage, no need for bar staff to fill/seam.

The Big Thompson produces over 12 crowlers/minute using the same oxygen-prevention measures that other Twin Monkeys lines employ

Customise it

You’ve picked a base canning machine, now consider customizing it further.

It can purge, fill, and seam crowlers fast. What more do you need? Well since you asked, there are a lot of things that can be added to further automate the process.

If you don’t see something you want, let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate it.

Volumetric Beverage Flow Meters

For applications when delivery pressure isn’t consistent, like when pumping beverage to canner.

Automated Lid Dispenser

The Big T can add the lids to the cans

Integrated Date Coding

Must also have a Final Rinse module

Final Rinse with Blower Dryer

Rinse/dry cans. Needs no compressed air to dry.

Features & Spec


  • Fits on your own table/bench
  • Can be ordered as a semi-automated or fully-automated machine
  • Simple/quick change between crowler sizes
  • Lids placed on foam
  • Simple machine / easy to maintain
  • Adjustable timers for all system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system

Equipped with:

  • Adjustable timers for system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system
  • Operator controlled fill levels, timing functions, and run rate
  • Touch screen help menus with pictures, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenace
  • Automated Tank Pressure Controller for precise control of beverage pressures and fill times
  • Modern PLC machine controller and operator color touch screen
  • Seamer components that can be swapped without requiring adjustments
  • Washdown-compliant sensors, pneumatics, enclosure, and decking
  • Nema 4X electrical enclosures

5-Step Oxygen Reduction using:

  1. Closed fill tubes that do not re-acquire air between fill cycles
  2. Pre-fill purge station that clears air out prior to fills
  3. Short paths from fill to seam
  4. CO2 blanket generator when lids are placed on foam
  5. Dial-in foam/fill levels for individual fill head control


Power: 120V 15A 1-phase (other voltages are possible)
Controls Air: 90 psi 1.3 cfm of clean, dry air
CO2: 20 psi .5 cfm of CO2


Throughput: 12+ Crowlers/minute
Crowler Sizes: 750ml and 32 oz. standard
Dimensions: 54”L x 23”D x 36”H (for base unit, some options add length)
Weight: 200 lbs
Construction: 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum