The Gunnison is our most popular beverage canning line. It’s compact, easy to move, handles cans with different diameters easily, and has an option to weigh cans and automatically adjust the fill levels in all cans and reject any underweight cans.

Customise it

You’ve picked a base canning machine, now consider customizing it further.

You’ve picked a base canning machine, now consider customizing it further. This is the Gunnison. The base model comes loaded with nice features, but not will ALL the nice features. For those whose needs extend beyond the base canner, review the options below for your chosen line to see what we have available “out of the box”.

If you don’t see something you want, let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate it.

Removeable Infeed Funnel

Hand load up to 30 cans and allow them to feed into canner.

Can Flip and Rinse

Rinse various can sizes inside the footprint of the canner.

Weigh/Reject with Auto-Fill Adjust

Let the machine automatically adjust the fill levels and reject low weight cans, ensuring proper fill amounts.

Integrated Liquid Nitrogen Dosing

Add a drop of LN2 to each can just before lid apply.

Integrated Date Coding

3-line date coding on the bottom of the can prior to initial rinse.

Final Rinse with Blower Dryer

Rinse/dry cans. Needs no compressed air to dry.

Final Rinse with Compressed Air Dryer

Rinse/dry cans. Uses compressed air to dry.

Full Guarding Cage

Encloses machine in a clear plastic box.

Features & Spec


  • Has an industry-first option to weigh cans and automatically adjust the fill levels, dialing in the canner for you
  • Can easily accommodate cans with different diameters
  • Has low footprint removable can funnel option to enable can feeding in a very small space
  • Fully automated from empty can infeed to finished can outfeed
  • Simple/quick change between 12oz and 16oz cans (other sizes can be specified at time of order)
  • Lids placed on foam
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Adjustable timers for all system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system

Equipped with:

  • Precise volumetric flow meters for fill levels repeatable to ±2g
  • Patent-pending cam-less wedge seamer: fast, repeatable; low maintenance
  • Lid applicator with CO2 blanket generator; very reliable
  • Intuitive operator color touch screen
  • Washdown systems for easy cleaning

5-Step Oxygen Reduction using:

  1.  Closed fill tubes that do not re-acquire air between fill cycles
  2.  Pre-fill purge station that clears air out prior to fills
  3.  Short paths from fill to seam
  4.  CO2 blanket generator when lids are placed on foam
  5.  Dial-in foam/fill levels for individual fill head control


Power: 120V or 230V 1-phase (50/60hz)
Controls Air: 90 psi 1.5 cfm of clean, dry air
CO2: 20 psi .5 cfm of CO2


Throughput: 20-25 cans/minute
Can Sizes: 12 oz (355ml) and 16 oz (473ml) standard, others available on request
Dimensions: 52”l x 26”d x 60”h (for base unit, some options add length)
Weight: 450 lbs
Construction: 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum